Our community deserves a progressive voice that understands the everyday struggles of the working class and will fight for the people.

  • We must protect our services and amenities, including parks, libraries, and clinics. We begin this by opposing the homestead exemption increase on the Florida ballot as it will only hurt the poorest in our community, as reflected in the proposed budgets.
  • We must partner with our School Board to create equal opportunity and equal treatment for each student, especially early, to make sure that statistically disadvantaged students are not funneled into the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • We must push to increase and improve public transportation in Leon County.
  • We need to ensure people can earn a living, and that starts with a $15 minimum wage.  This begins with county employees and those employed under county contracts.
  • We must ensure there is sufficient affordable housing in the community, as most approved development is luxury or student housing that is not available to or prices out average people in a community where most are employed by a government body.
  • We need to protect employees and job applicants that use medical marijuana under state law from being discriminated against.
  • We must better allocate our police and court resources by decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, which disproportionately affects minorities, and instead, focus those resources on violent crime prevention.
  • We must protect the over 78 miles of roads, lined with moss-draped live oaks, sweet gums, hickory trees, and pines that provide a towering canopy over what were once paths traveled by native tribes. Our canopy roads are inseparably part of Leon County’s character.
  • We must continue Mayor Gillum’s fight against the NRA, state preemption, and the inaction by own legislature, to do what is necessary to protect our citizens by barring the sale of gratuitous weapons in our community.